We need your help! Volunteer to be a Room Parent

We need your help to make this year an extra special one for our children and school community. Becoming a room parent is a great opportunity to enhance our children’s school experience and provide much needed support to our teachers. A room parent is a very important liaison between the teacher and the parents in your class.

As a room parent you will:

  • Provide support for class activities and special events with the help of parents in the classroom.
  • Facilitate communication amongst the parents in the classroom via e-mails, flyers, etc. You will serve as the source of information for most parents on what is happening in the classroom and around the school.
  • Coordinate the classroom/grade level activities, booths and donations for the Silent Auction (and if possible this year, Fun Fair).

Each class will have 1-2 primary room parents. If additional parents volunteer, they will provide added support throughout the year. The more people involved, the better service we can provide for our children and teachers!

Together, we can make this a great year! Volunteer to be a room parent today! If you have any questions, please fill out the form below to contact the Room Parent Coordinator, Teresa Howett.

Remember: You need to apply for a volunteer number through the MDCPS website in order to volunteer at the school.

If you already have a number, you need to reapply at the beginning of each school year. After you apply, you will need to take a photo ID to the office at Howard Drive to finalize the process. You can apply for or renew your number online here (select Apps/Services/Sites from the main menu and then click on ‘Be a School Volunteer’).

Room Parent Request Form